The name Jadia is from Italian or Mexican cultures. A Jadia is a person who’s super outgoing and loves talking to anyone. She’s someone who is absolutely beautiful but doesn’t realize it, which makes people love her more. She has an amazing sense of humor, and can be sassy and a little rude if you aren’t nice to her or her friends. When she walks into a room, it brightens! She has beautiful big eyes, and a wonderful smile. Jadia is the girl you would want to be friends with.
That girl named Jadia is absolutely stunning!
by rAnDoMpErSoN555662772 April 28, 2020
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An uncommon name, usually inspired by Indian and/or Middle Eastern customs, that defines a more eccentric individual. Typically female, a Jadia is a person of the utmost beauty and perfection. She is someone who would do anything for others, yet rarely requires anything herself. Although somewhat clumsy, Jadia's are very smart girls. They are loving and wonderful human beings who bring joy to everyone they interact with.
My girlfriend is such a Jadia, and I can't get enough of her.

Jim: Did you all hear about that girl in the news? She saved that boy from a burning building!
Jane: What a Jadia!
by Akdavis96 April 09, 2013
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This girl is the most baddest bitch around, you either are scared of her or you want to be her. if you are one of her friends you are very lucky, she will fuck you up if you mess with her friends. Jadia is also very pretty and doesn't even have to try. jadia also has a dumpyyyyyyy, when you see that thing your like danggg girl. if she doesn't like you she'll show it. if you have a jadia treat her like a queen.
"did you see that girl Jadia, dang she has such a fat ass."
by fattybaddie September 23, 2021
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Jadia is a ship between singer Johnny Orlando and Nadia Turner. They've known eachother since 2015, unfortunately Mackenzie Ziegler stole Johnny from Nadia, but now that jenzie is dead (even though they were never a thing) jadia will rise again
jenzie shippers just cant accept that jadia is bigger and better
by jadiawillrise January 25, 2019
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