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An uncommon name, usually inspired by Indian and/or Middle Eastern customs, that defines a more eccentric individual. Typically female, a Jadia is a person of the utmost beauty and perfection. She is someone who would do anything for others, yet rarely requires anything herself. Although somewhat clumsy, Jadia's are very smart girls. They are loving and wonderful human beings who bring joy to everyone they interact with.
My girlfriend is such a Jadia, and I can't get enough of her.

Jim: Did you all hear about that girl in the news? She saved that boy from a burning building!
Jane: What a Jadia!
by Akdavis96 April 09, 2013
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Jadia is a ship name with Johnny Orlando and Nadia Turner...this is obviously not real as Johnny gives out signs that he likes Mackenzie Ziegler
Person 1: Do you ship Jadia?
Person 2: Ew no...
by J_E_N_Z_I_E October 13, 2017
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A ship name for Johnny orlando and Nadia turner. All the jenzie shippers are salty about them hanging out because they just can't Stand john with anyone else except Kenzie ziegler. Jadia has lately been living but jenzie is curently dead. Nadia like a edit of Johnny on instagram, and Johnny liked a picture of Nadia's from a fan page with the caption saying "she's gorgeous bye" –o.rlandos (ig account)
Nadia turner is only johnnys friend Sao jadia isn't real
by Harleyyy.sam July 23, 2018
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