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A mental illness that can make he/she/other tunnel visioned around Jack Barbakat. In some cases it has lead to serious injury, mental hospitalization, and rarely death.

Symptoms may include:

- Addiction to masturbating to Jack Barakat (some cases more than 13 times a day)

- Spending all of your life's saving on Jagk Merch

- Skipping school/fun activities/work/eating/sleeping to watch interviews with Jack Barakat

- Continually making dick jokes/dirty jokes to be more like Jack Barakat

- Listening to Jack Barakat's laugh on Tumblr for repeat more than 3,000 times

- Dying your hair black/dark brown with blonde streaks in it, and straightening + spiking it up like Jack Barakat

- Always wearing Jagk Merch 24/7 and never taking it off (some cases include wearing the merch as their wedding gown/wedding suit)

- Stalking Jack Barakat's twitter all day

- Re-tweeting Jack Barakat's tweets (some cases people have tweeted every single tweet he tweeted)

- Fantasizes about meeting/marrying/dating/being friends/having sexual intercourse with Jack Barakat

- Planning ways to find Jack Barakat's exact where-about's (and kidnap him and keeping him in your basement; some people added)

- Obsessing over Jack Barakat's hairy legs/adam's apple

- Staring at pictures of Jack Barakat, such as these (and wishing that the bubbles would disappear)

- Taking note of all of Jack Barakat's tattoos, and getting the exact ones done on your body just like him
If you have any/all of these symptoms, please seek professional help immediately. Jackbarakatitus is a serious illness, and should not be joked about. It can happen to ANYONE...even bunnies...
by Sexual Seahorse December 28, 2014
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