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Slang Name, no offence to any dude who might actually have this name -- I know of no Jack Armstrong. A dude who Jacks off so much that he has developed huge forearms as a result.
I think Popeye is a Jack Armstrong. Look at his forearms. He is a sailor and his girlfriend is OLIVE OIL. Together they found SWEET PEA.
by Brutus & Bluto Blockhead May 29, 2006
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While it may seem like a slang name, and very well might be to some, Jack Armstrong is also a name of high rank.

Jack Armstrongs are very handsome, caring, and intelligent men.

They give women the shivers and are the subject of day dreams.

Jack Armstrongs are forgiving, intellectual, and are quite possible the most dreamy of men.
Want to know what is more romantic than The Notebook?

Jack Armstrong is.
by SandyDunes November 02, 2014
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