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Jack walten is married to rosemary walten and has 3 kids. Ed walten, molly walten, and sophie walten. He has a burger restaurant with his best friend Felix kranken. Jack walten went missing after Felix kranken Tokyo drifted because Ed and Molly were talking about fnaf gacha life videos and ended up killing them. Then his wife, rosemary walten gets dismembered like the spider in my bathroom and stuffed into a sheep animatronic named sha. People think jack is in the animatronic named bon but idk lol
Noob: Hey who's jack walten?

Fruit: a character from the walten files.

Noob: oh okay.... What's the walten files?

Fruit: files about the walten nah just kidding, it's a series on YouTube made by Martin walls.
by Your cool dad louis July 28, 2021
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Jack Walten is married to Rosemary Walten with their three children, Sophie, Edd, and Molly. At first he is seen as a protagonist in "The Walten Files" His respective series on YouTube. After getting stuffed into an animatronic suit and being reported missing, his spirit goes insane and takes on the form of an animatronic named "Bon". Eventually in this form, he kills his wife, Rosemary Walten, and stuffs her into an animatronic suit as well.
Series takes place in the 1950's
Friends: "Why are you so upset?"
Me: "JACK WALTEN DIDN'T DESERVE IT!" *Continuously sobs*
by universe.c0s July 8, 2021
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oh my god hes so hummina hummina awooga hot man whos bff killed his kids ...
his wife is hot too
Jack Walten: ..What?
by fart mc fart April 23, 2022
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a hot ass bitch who will always be hotter then you
ur mom: do you know goofy._.jack._.walten on tiktok?
deez nuts: that one hot ass bitch?!
ur mom: YESSSSSS
by ur mom gay lol (isa) August 27, 2021
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