a pseudonym you use when you have to sign up for something really quick or just want to have fun.

Jack mehoff (aka Jack me off)
Teacher: Ok class, welcome to grade 9 science. This year I will be your teacher. You, young man, tell me your name please?


Teacher: Last name?


Teacher: That's a very unique name.

*30 minutes later*

Teacher: Jack Mehoff! JACK MEHOFF!

*Class starts laughing*
by sock mydong July 25, 2020
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Jack Mehoff is that guy that acts gay so much that some people think he is gay. He has a schlong so massive that it has its own gravitational pull. His unmatched sigma male testosterone levels are enough to make any guys treaties crumble.
-He’s almost as gay as Jack.
-Who’s Jack?
-Jack Mehoff.
by jackmehofff69 December 1, 2021
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