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{From 'Jackass' (n) + 'ian'}

Denizens of Jacassia: a mythical land wherein emotional reaction without thought and discourtesy is highly prized.

Jacassians only value the worldview of other Jacassians. They do not wish to be bothered with reality or logic, but rather prefer indulge in low-level flights of fancy heavily influenced by pop-cultural memes, such as conspiracy theories, Greys, “Chemtrails”, and so forth. Anyone not of this worldview who questions it is considered to be an interloper who *must be attacked*, even if the information the outsider provides is 100% correct.

Their highest concentrations are found in larger urban areas and in online fora.
Those 'Ufologists' are some real Jacassians.

Last night, some drunken Jugalo claimed that I was trying to pick up his woman and took a swing at me, but I opened a can of whoopass on him. What a Jacassian!

Those Wikipedians should go back to Jacassia.
by 7-eleven May 21, 2010
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