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Def 1: When you have sex with a girl that you dont know that shes pregnant and you put your penis in her and you constantly poke the babys head.

Def 2: When you bring out your inner phyco and put your penis in a girls eye and constantly poke at the girls brain causing your dick to go bent everytime you poke at it.
Def 1:
Adrian: Man, I banged the dog shit out of your girlfriend.

Jordan: WTF, my girl is fuckin pregnant! Why would you Jabb at yo Brain!
Adrian: How was i supposed to know.... But I do have some good news
Jordan: What?
Adrian: She gives the best head
Guy named Jay walks by
Jay: You talkin bout Jordans girl I had some of that last week and you may not be the daddy.
by Geeked Up June 29, 2009
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