JPL is a special needs person says things as in no bap.
JPL can also be used as an insult to say how stupid a person is.
Yō you're such a JPL how do you not know what a toothbrush is.
by KingPrincePeePOOP April 11, 2022
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Someone with a very generic English name who claims to be Asian.
Dude, no frickin way JPL is Asian!
by CarltheHot December 3, 2021
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A talented, sexy young man who should have gotten farther in American Idol.
by Maeve R. April 17, 2004
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Verb; To mess up the math or the numbers. In reference to a Jet Propulsion Lab space mission or two that failed due to failing to convert one set of units to another on part of the project (metric to US or the other way around).

I have to enron these papers before they find out I jpl'ed the balance sheet and I get borked.

Rudd's crew chief jpl'ed the mileage, causing him to run short on fuel and costing him the race.
by hnkelley February 27, 2008
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