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Acronym for: Just Peed a Little

Can be used to exaggerate and/or describe emotional hysterics such as something frightening, hilarious, a nervous situation, and anxiety
If you ACTUALLY (be honest now) Just Peed a Little, add a "T" for Totally, ensuring the reciever of the message knows you "Totally Just Peed a Little".

If you verbally use this acronym, you ARE a moron.
"Haahahahaha, have you seen the new Russell Peters video? JPAL from laughing so hard"

"OMG my Dad just jumped out of the closet with a fake gun when I got home! TJPAL!"

"About to go on stage.. I'm so nervous, there's a lot of ppl here. TPAL."
by Youbetcha! September 09, 2011
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