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Short for "Jiggling Man Boobs." The repulsive, yet somehow hypnotic undulations that occur when an over-sized man's chest bounces around like soft jelly during an earthquake.
That dude has JMB's of mass-repulsion.
by elgog May 20, 2009
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Him- yooo wuss good i herd u wuss talkin shit bout me..

Me-Yea nigguh JMB . mofo
by Sk!ttl3sz April 09, 2010
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abbreviation for Juggalo Mafia Bitch. Gang created in mid 2008.
Blood: Yo i see you reppin blood wit the red rag

JMB: Nah fuck that im reppin JMB. I got the red and black bitch!!!
by BigBUD926 August 31, 2008
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