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A south side school in Cumberland where people vape/smoke weed on the daily. The girls fight over guys like they are a prize to be one. Everyone sends nudes to everyone and it’s just like another thing for people to do around the town. Kids from this school and kids from NCMS do not get along in this 8th grade class of 2022. Guys make jokes about how their dicks are huge but in reality have a shrimp. People sneak out to guys houses and rarely get caught by their parents. CC (Cumberland Convenice) is where everyone goes to get their pods and juul starter kits and people sell them to them cuz they have nothing better to do with their lives. Guys talk about fucking girls when in reality they just watch porn and think they are the shit. No relationship is safe cuz bitches ain’t shit. There is no such thing as the “bro code” or “girl code” cuz everyone gets with everyone’s ex’s
“I love JLMMS”

“You must love getting high and drama then”
by Egr0515 May 18, 2018
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