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Irish alternative rock Trio, Formed in 1996 whilst in secondary school, signed in 1999 & broke up in 2006.
They were hailed on the underground music scene as a band that was going to become extremely popular alongside then underground Muse & Coldplay

The band were most noted for 2 things
1) Lead singer Mark Greaneys voice, one that was a melding pot of Thom Yorke, Matt Bellamy & the singer from Placebo, all with Greaneys own ability to howl at the top of his lungs in key
2) Hilary Woods the female bassist who to put short n sweet, a fucking gorgeous rock chic. Later replaced with Sarah Fox upon her leaving the band also extremely attractive.

They released two albums their self titled debut which was extremely well received across the board & their second album I To Sky, an album less well received but noted as fans as an album that grows on you.
As far as i can gather the band ran into difficulties with the initial loss of their bassist (even though she was quite shite) & then with their record company, speculations have been made that their record company were unhappy with sales of the second album, the direction of the third album & legal fights over some stupid shite.
The band after being bogged down unable to resolve the disputes to get around to releasing their 3rd album 4 years after their second album called it a day. The recordings have since been leaked in demo forms to youtube & as of 2011 still no third album has been released officially.
JJ72 were around for but a short time, whilst their legacy left behind was small consisting of only about 40 songs. It is still highly regarded by those that remember them, For eg their Last FM page has clocked over a million hits despite the internet not being as commercial for music as it was back in the early 00s

Another band that got flushed down the shitter over bad management & promotion, the usual thing that holds back most Irish bands from ever making an impact on the international market

Mark the singer has since done solo works, the only one of the band & employed a new band under the name Concerto For Constantine with ex Idlewild bassist Gavin Fox & ex BellX1/Frames drummer Binzer.
As of yet they are unsigned & no albums have been released despite playing Irelands highly acclaimed rock festival Oxegen.
by Datguy1&Datguy2 April 29, 2011
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