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The man who eats steak for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and shits out the bones when hes done, with a steak beverage to wash it all down. He lays the rules down for all the women he comes sandwich? Prepare to have a rod up your ass. Girl wants to sit back and have a pina colada? Try some PENIS ALOTTA. With a 414HP BMW M3 and quad tip exhausts, every girl who sees this machine has no choice but to bend down and take it in the ass. This man will teach you everything he knows, but be ready, some serious life changes are required.
JGUN: Bro I think this Prius wants to race! BRO, he doesn't know what hes up against...

Markito: Jared, I really dont think..(jared takes off as the grandma in her Prius is overwhelmed with confusion)

JGUN: Look at dat shit boner child! She couldn't compete with the M3 blackula!
by 908 Projectile August 19, 2011
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