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Just Fucked, usually describing someone's appearance.
Oh man, look at her hair, she looks JF'ed
by Asizzler123 February 22, 2009
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as one associated with hephalumps, or woozles
Yo! Heph that lump of j. fed before the wooz-dawg gets him!
by Anonymous May 06, 2003
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(1.) Known as an alternative word for FAG.
1. "That kid named Cecil is a j. fed."
by Two Step May 14, 2003
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(1.) The state of having an unnatural addiction to old episodes of "Boy Meets World". (2.) Declaration of warning, usually used when local law enforcement arrives to break up an illegal alcohol, tobacco, or firearms deal.
(1.) "His obsession with Topanga has totally gone j. fed."

(2.) "j. fed! The cops are here!"
by Joshua Frederich May 03, 2003
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