A term used when a Jewish individual does something stereotypically not Jewish, or beyond their normal "straight edge" behavior; A hybrid of the term "Jew" and the show "Jackass", as heard occasionally on the Adam Carolla radio show.
In a rather perfect display of being a Jewass, Teresa opted to buy a doughnut for breakfast, rather than her usual choice; bagels.
by FyreDeity December 25, 2008
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The fleshy arrangement of two buttockular masterpiece only bestowed upon the privileged children of Israel. Not smooshy, yet slightyl resembling a full on Jock Butt
1. Have you ever seen Naomi Russell's movies? She is blessed with that Jew Ass.

2. Look at Goldstein! He got a girl with a tight little body and a cutie patootie. Luckier for her, he possesses a great Jew Ass!
by Lawler May 30, 2018
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