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A popular slash couple from the TV Show, "Scrubs" pairing JD and Dr. Cox together romantically. It started out as fanfiction, then branched out to communities in LiveJournal, to now copious amounts of fanart. It has been know that fans also slash the actors, Zach Braff and John C. Mc Ginley.

Fans claim to love it because of Perry Cox's gruff attitude, claiming to find JD annoying, while secretly revealing at times that he really does care. Fans also love JD's "love sick puppy" behavior towards Dr. Cox, always trying to earn his love and to get him to call himself JD's "Mentor" while John Dorian is his self-proclaimed, "Protegee".
Dr. Perry Cox:(Is talking about JD) Hold the phone: are you suggesting that if I sleep with him, that I won’t have to deal with problems like this? Because I’m seriously considering taking that hit.
(as Elliot walks off)
Dr. Perry Cox: I mean, honestly, what is he like in post-game? Is there spooning? Because I don’t spoon, I’m not a spooner.

Girl 1: Did you see that new JDCox picture that Graffiti2DMyHeart posted up?
Girl 2: Yeah! JD and Dr. Cox are so cute together!
by Graffiti2DMyHeart March 30, 2010
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