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A JABD is a desi who refuses to classify themselves as either ABCD or FOB, instead he/she prefers to classify themselves as "Just a Brown Desi." The word "Desi" in Hindi and Urdu means a person from the sub-continent of India.

Over the years many self induced derogatory labels have emerged for Southeast Asians, especially among Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis that live abroad in the west. Examples include: FOB and ABCD. FOB stands for "Fresh of the Boat." ABCD stands for "American Born Confused Desi."

A FOB is a new immigrant who is unable to or refuses to adopt to western culture and he/she continues to practice his/her lifestyle from his/her country of origin. A FOB will have a strong accent, have oily hair, have body odor, have poor oral hygiene and dress like a science geek or foreignly.

The term ABCD or American Born Confused Desi is used to describe those from the Indian sub-continent who are unaware of or are unwilling to outwardly project their Indian Heritage. "Confused" refers to a hypothetical confusion regarding identity, having been born in America or lived there since childhood and being closer to American culture than their ancestor's native culture.

Frustrated by the negative connotations of both the FOB or ABCD label many Desis in the west have created a new label, JABD. JABD stands for "Just a Brown Desi."
I'm sick and tired of people saying that I'm a fresh of the boat FOB. Next person that calls me a FOB, I'm gonna say to them: "Nah yo I ain't a FOB! I'm JABD!! Just a Brown Desi!!"
by purple_andaz August 17, 2010
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