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J.R. stands for John Robert.

A half-Filipino, half-Polish US short track speed skater who made his Olympic debut in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

After suffering a horrifying crash during his last race at the US Olympic Trials for the Vancouver Games, he deeply cut his right thigh (7in long, 2in deep) with his left blade and had to get 60 stitches. But he was able to recover by the Olympics and bring with him an inspirational story of overcoming hardships.

Started in-line skating at first at Federal Way, WA, but he decided to move down to Socal when he wanted to start short track speed skating.

Some see him as the next Apolo Anton Ohno (who he idolizes) after Ohno retires from the races.

A complete HEARTTHROB because he's so damn CUTE!
Boy: J.R. Celski got a bronze in the 1500m short track speed skating! Wow!

Girl: OMG he's soooooo HOT!!! I'm gonna marry *cough*stalk*cough* him!!!

J.R.: ...uhhh
by 2010shorttrack February 19, 2010
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An olympic bronze metal, world champion, and record setting short track speed skater. He is an amazing, inspiring person, who managed to overcome a very serious injury just months before the olympics in time to compete. Also the sexiest man alive.
Girl 1: J.R. Celski is so hot.
Girl 2: Yeah definitely. And super inspirational too!
by SoulPatch101 October 18, 2010
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