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And as the sun rises and she wakes up he is there as tho he never took his dreamy gaze of her once in the night. And before she can speak throughthe smirk she finds impossible to hide he says something so witty and cleverly sweet and the day begins as bright as u ever had experienced before.....or ever will again without him....a bright glowing one in a trillion billion statistically impossible to see in a lifetime star.....a supernova i was somehow lucky enough to i look up into the sky tonight i will search endlessly for that star i love and silently speak the words of my heart... wish i may i wish might again some day experience that stars undying brilliant unhidden and euphoric essence and missed beyond explanation yet never one second light of his awesome mesmurisng light.
The J.J. AllStaR 7.0 is located in the constellation of leo as opposed to in the past residence in its original contellation of capricorn. Enigmatic and thought provoking are just won words that are often used to describe this amazing yet unpredictable force.
by March 25, 2010
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