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Greatest High school football team in the state from 2002-2007 in the 4A division. A Dynasty was established thanks to most notably Brian Blick and Andre' Brown. The school is well known for rigorous academics and as the best school east of Raleigh. Fortunatly for the school T-Kirk will graduate in 2010, forever leaving her legacy and smarts. The school also has alot of rich, white, new money girls. Allot of nice cars are driven to school but it sucks because the parking lock is right next to the housing project KP. Oh well the school is one of the top in the country for academics, and top in the state usually for athletics.
walking through the J.H. Rose parking lot:

Donte':"Damn, them white boys got some sweet rides for christmas"
rolexa: "Yup, you wanna get some weed outta that white pathfinder sitten on them dubs?"
Donte': "fuck no, that shits got gay juices all over it, I heard that nigga got peirced ears"
Rolexa: "Yeah, oh well I guess we can go back over the fence and make a baby, I should propbly go to Tuck's class at least once this week."
Donte': Yeah, Im unna smoke right quick then eat my free lunch and bounch back through the fence to the crib"
by eastcoastrider December 03, 2007
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