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Also known as j-Syndrome. When a person In a group leaves for hours at a time with a poor Excuse and no alibi. Later on wanting to be included in other events with the group even though the said person will vanish when plans have been made.
"Hey tom, do you want to go out for sushi later today?" "yea sure let me just take a shower I'll get back to you".6 hours later "hey tom why didn't you pick up when I called"."I got lost on my way to the shower, my bad........Still down to chill though?"....."Sounds like somebody got the


Hey Guys down to play some Battlefield?
-Everyone Responds - Sure sounds good
Alright lets all be back in 10 minutes after we grab some drinks/snacks
-everyone agrees-
10 mins later
Alright we gonna do this?
-everyone but Tom responds with - Damn right lets blow shit up
Wheres Tom? is he afk still? the fuck?
19 hours later
-Tom returns - Sup guys still down to play?

by IliveThatLife October 25, 2013
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