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A holiday in the month of January, usually on a Friday, celebrated by Protestants while drinking a lot of beer. The day is chosen based on availability. The celebration is prepared for by withstanding from meat and alcohol for a week. Sometimes people plan for J-Storm, but in the end it really just is everyone getting f**** up when it's -20 out and there's nothing to do but drink in Wisconsin.

A first, J-Storm was about about drinking. Now it's about seeing old friend and drinking. Staring in January of 2012, J-Storm has grown significantly.
The first year Marty Spilled his drink on the ceiling and Joey took 23 shot. In 2015 Chase and Rae got engaged the same day as J-Storm (also Marty's birthday). In 2016 Angela fell asleep at the bar. In 2017 the bartender finally asked wtf is going on after reaslizing we've been doing this at J&B's Blue Ribbon Pub for 3 years.

Joey is the official historian of J-Storm.

Chase is the founder of J-Storm.

Marty's favorite holiday is J-Storm.

Pabst Blue Ribbon is the official beer of J-Storm but any type of alcohol is permitted.
Marty spilled his drink all over the place and Chase didn't care because it was J-Storm.

Marty:"On a scale of 1 to 10, how drunk are you."

"I had a *life event* to go to this Friday but I cancelled it to go to J-Storm.
by C-Stormer July 29, 2017
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