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When you are driving while simultaneously fingering a girl, and you cause her to orgasm so hard that she accidentally squirts in your eye, and it causes you to swerve off the road and hit a fire hydrant.
OFFICER: How did this happen?

PERSON: I pulled a J-Rog with my

by Andre The Wrecker December 03, 2013
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When you begin to type jrotc but then you suddenly stop giving a fuck and see if someone on this god damn earth has such a strange name
Im gonna type jrotc....actually fuck it, is there some fucktard named jrog?
by gengar-boye March 03, 2018
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A Kid named Justin Rogers who thinks he can Fight in Real life.
Chad: You can’t fight stop lying
Jrog: I’ll beat your ass with one hand
by TheRealSubGoat January 21, 2019
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