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A title given to a cadet at the United States Military Academy who enjoys and exceeds at slugging, drinking large quantities of mountain dew (that he probably did not pay for), packing a double horseshoe of Skoal mint, even while sleeping, and prefers to sleep and relax to build up his strength for another rough cycle of this continuous process the following day. He most likely says phrases in a peculiar voice, and clearly does not give a fuck.
Person 1- "Hey, I was really interested in getting some drill authos for the parades this year!"

Person 2- "Well, if you don't want to join a corps squad team and are not a fan of strenuous activity, you could always talk with J-Bone."

This is a clear example of someone wanting to learn the ways of J bone Jamal Muhammad Da Digg Fa Riggity Fi Flop.
by Rick Rolled you sucka September 29, 2009
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