have you ever seen an icon? no not one from a computer. Or a brand. I mean a person. A person iconic enough to be a brand. Three. Why is it the perfect number? Three parts of an atom. Three parts of a mind. Three parts of a heart. Three parts of a brain. These are all signifant facts, but the real reason its the perfect number: Three parts of his initials. Women shrivel in J C K's presence, for they know they can never have him. Cause they're not good enough for him. No one is. Not even J C K is good enough for J C K. Plato's perfect form of icon was not chrome. or maccy d's. It was J C K. So next time you step into macdonalds, or open chrome, just remember. you're actually stepping into or opening up J CK.
"Don't use chrome. it's an outdtated webserver. Use J C K instead. he overheats easier (clicks tongue and winks) but has more memory and ram space, but most importantly is far more iconic
by Live in Excess September 25, 2022
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