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A butt of a abnormally large size on a woman that is very attractive, large butts on obese women do not qualify as a J Lo Booty.
Dam, Alexis has one J Lo Booty, her ass is huge!
by AllStar65 October 31, 2005
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(Noun) A person, usually female, with and exremly large butt.

(noun A person with a large good looking butt.
That girl has a J Lo booty.
by X-L February 23, 2005
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to say that you have or that someone else has a booty like that of Jennifer Lopez (a famous Puerto Rican actress/singer/fashion-line owner)

Personally i think she's a great actress but a horrible singer and the only reason she has a fashion-line is because of the hundreds of much more talented designers she can afford to hire and steal their credit. Just like her ex-boyfriend Sean "P.diddy" Combs a.k.a Puff Daddy.
Pervert: "My girlfriend has a J.Lo booty"
Cool guy: "Damn, then it must reek of stupid bitch eh?"
Pervert: "yep"
by Glammerz August 09, 2005
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