a mysterious boy and master of ambiguity, can be whatever he wants to be and/or what you need him to be.

notorious for doing sketchy stuff and moving place to place seeking newfound pleasures.

J’s purpose is to do whatever feels right to him, can be everything yet none of it at the same time.

J IS LITERALLY a man of mystery
J is a suspicious kid and likes to play with his food

Don’t be like J or you’ll end up dead

Yo J, let’s hang out sometime”

J: I can’t, I gotta return some tapes

J is short for Junior or even jay, it doesn’t matter, it’s his names that he allows people to call him by

J (junior) sketchy street kid that enjoys unknown activities
by Righteousridicule December 28, 2022
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worst school ever
sexist principal
fuck you
it cant be used since its a fucked up school Paul J Gelinas Junior High School
by royal_fuck_up December 5, 2019
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