She is a beautiful person inside and out. She'll make you laugh till you run out of breath. She is often random and rowdy but you can't help but love her anyways.Often straying from the normal things in life she likes to think outside the box, and often does. She sees things unlike any other person you will ever meet because her mind is so complex. Because she often overthinks things she can become slightly self concious and not think shes good enough for you. She doesn’t always think everything through before she says it but in the end she will clear it all up. Although she's extremely smart she'll make you find it out for yourself, meaning you should never get on her bad side. If you make this girl angry she'll make you're life a living hell because she will not stop spamming your phone untill it breaks. never. Despite that she's all together a really nice person and has many friends. Most people love her. She's a great best friend and a better girlfriend.
My girlfriend is an Izzy Northridge!
by Tom, better than ebony October 21, 2018
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