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1. Girls name generally given by hippy parents
2. Term for excessive vodka drinking

"I drank like an Izella last night and my head hurts"

3. Bad dancing

"I dance like a right Izella"

4. Hair deposits

"my hair gets everywhere"
"yup your like a moulting Izella"
"it's my winter coat"

5. Someone in Budapest who causes havoc, pesters waiters etc..

"Did you see that Izella by parliament last night"
"Yeah she was up to no good"

6. A term for a two person mexican wave

"Lets' do an Izella"
"Ok, hold my hands"
"we look lame"
"it's not working"
"wave epic fail"

7. Fruit loop, not the sweet but a loon

"i think she's a fruit loop"
"yeah man she's well Izella"
by Adamski1111 December 07, 2012
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