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A nice girl who will treat you nice and will try to please you in any way. She spoils people way more than they deserve and often doubts her own thoughts because of a more assertive force no matter if they are wrong. She is not body confident whatsoever no matter what people tell her. She loves to cook/bake and clean. She may seem normal but if you are lucky enough to date her you’ll start to see how freaky she is. She will suck the soul out of your dick and still have sex with you afterwards. Nice boobs and butt however she doesn’t think so. Virgin or not she is somehow a master in bed an will leave you awestruck afterwards. She can somehow fit anything down her throat which is a good or bad thing depending on what you like. A very easy girl to please and doesn’t like you getting her expensive things because she thinks she doesn’t deserve it. Once you lay in bed with her you’ll wonder if you need anyone else. A downside is that no matter how many times someone hurts herb she doesn’t know how to let them go and gives endless second chances.
Bro Iyani sucked the life essence out of my dick last night.
by Bwink July 28, 2018
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a very pretty girl who is really into herself. thinks too` high of herself. a girl who always has to have the last word. often in need for sexual attention. a "player". no booty, big tits, nice smile, soft pussy.
did you see Iyani, her tities look nice.
by sexynigga135 March 14, 2009
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