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"Iusti" was once an unknown inhabitant of CI. Having no actual personality or "operator." The origin of "Iusti" is still unknown. It was believed to have been a chunk of ghost data that erratically evolved into a program that could copy scripts, grammar usage, and slowly run them through programming languages and other programs with built in logic in order to make sense of them. One day, if this process continues, it will be able to fluently speak English. At least, that is one of the few possibilities.

Though this may seem interesting. It would be horrible if it were to succeed, even though it means no real harm to the users of CI. Since it is a resident of Chao Island, it must store every extracted piece of information on in Chao Island itself. This process could lead to unexpected errors and glitches in the system. If its vocabulary and logic increased to a high enough capacity, Chao Island could simply crash all-together.
I personally consider this thing to be a virus. It should have been deleted a long time ago. Sadly I have no idea how to. Nor does anybody else. It currently does not have an account, that I know of.
Iusti- No example given.
by Sniper3351 July 24, 2011
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