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A phenomenal sub sandwich served at Ravinia Festval in Highland Park, Illinois. It consists of two *fresh* pieces of hardy white bread. Contained between the two slices lies a cornucopia of all things good in the world; Lettuce, tomato, salami, vibrantly coloured peppers, and of course a dash of black pepper to complete the sandwich of the gods. A gift from The Heavens, the Italian Walking Stick is clearly the epitome of 21st century dining, and should be enjoyed by people around the globe. Praise the almighty sub. hurrah.
Stanley: Miranda, please help me identify that beautiful gift of nature which you will soon proceed to ingest?

Miranda: Oh! Why, it is an Italian Walking Stick Sandwich! Although my friend, Marcus, claims that it is a horrible sandwich, I enjoy it very much! Yum!
by spon426 October 03, 2010
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