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To first describe what an Italian Nugget is, it's important to first say that they are people. To further specify, they are female people, or so you'd think from first glance. Typically an Italian Nugget will be around 4'10 to 5'4, and be slightly overweight. To further clarify on body composition, they will usually have a big, gross ass, big, gross boobs, and a generally round shape.

Next, they will obviously have a very Italian look, consisting of dark hair, dark skin and manly facial features. Loads of makeup are also usually an indicator of an Italian Nugget.

As for apparel, look for black stretch pants, Uggs, and brightly colored sorority sweatshirts.

Where to Look for Italian Nuggets: Fraternity and sorority functions, the club, Long Island. Do not look in the gym or the library.
Snooki, from Jersey Shore, is the prototypical Italian Nugget.
by Gleditsia Triacanthos April 13, 2010
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