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ItaHana is the ship name, combining the names of Uchiha Itachi and Inuzuka Hana from the hugely successful manga Naruto by manga-ka Masashi Kishimoto (Naruto was later converted to an anime, has produced several films, countless video games, and has a squeal series detailing the events in the second half of the manga, it's know as Naruto Shippuden or just Shippuden).

ItaHana is a rare pairing and is considered a crack ship, paling in conpairison to ships like ItaSasu and ItaSaku. This is due mostly to Hana's rare appearence in the manga, to the point that most people forget that she is Kiba's older sister, and the fact that Hana and Itachi never met. (This is debatable, for the gap between Itachi at age four to the time he killed the clan is realatively unknown.)

Dispite it's rarity and it's crackishness, ItaHana as a small yet devoted following of fans. There is more fanfiction than there is fanart, for this pairing and only one fanvid.
"Itachi only ever smiled around two people in his life. His brother, and that loudmouth Inuzuka girl, Hana."

*smirks* How's that for ItaHana fluff?!
by Nanashi Akatenshi May 05, 2009
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