Excuse made by software developers when they try to convince the user that a flaw in their program is actually what it's supposed to be doing.
User: When I am on the item detail screen and click on "delete this item", the program returns to to the item overview screen and the item is still there.
Developer: Your access permissions don't allow you to delete items. It's not a bug, it's a feature.
by crushnet September 14, 2012
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An excuse developers make in which a bug or a glitch in a program is supposedly “intentional” or an actual feature. Developers do this because they are too lazy to fix it.
User: “dear Dev, theres a bug where if someone buys something, it takes the money but doesn't give you the thing you want to purchase. can you fix this?”

Dev (the asshole): “It’s not a bug, It’s a feature. the script just needs someone to buy twice for it to double check. it’s definitely not a scam.”
by evan.gelical August 25, 2023
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