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A reasurance used toward to guys who are about to, or who you wish were about to, engage in homosexual activity. With just eachother, or with you as well.

It's not true, of course, as simply doing something with someone else can't change who you're attracted to, but with dudes being so afraid to be gay, it's worth a try.

It's also just funny.
Shane: "No way"

Kyle: "Y..yeah"

Figure.10: "Aw.....but remember, it's only gay if your balls touch!"
by Figure.10 May 27, 2009
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Some heterosexual men, in a two-male-one-female threesome, will avoid the sexual position "DP sandwich" because there is a good chance that one guy's dangling and swinging balls will rub against the the other guy's balls, creating gay pleasure and thus making the sex gay. The woman, to help the guys overcome their gay fears so that she can get what she wants, will encourage them by saying that the sex would only be gay if their balls touched.
Woman: C'mon guys, give it to me! At the same time! I'm so horny.
Man 1: No way, that's totally gay.
Man 2: Yeah, that's gay.
Woman: What is this, the Rocky & Bullwinkle show?! C'mon guys, think about it, it's only gay if your balls touch.
Man 1: (To Woman:) OK, maybe you're right. (To Man 2:) But I'm going to be on top because I don't trust you and your low-hanging balls.
Man 2: Sure, man, whatever.
by EmptyMeter April 25, 2017
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