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It's Actually Zex quoted "There is a lot left in me on Managing, I never gotten the chance to fully show it". Marking 4th of December as the Day of It's Actually Zex's Departure from Standoff 2 Asia Competitive Scene.
It's Actually Zex was more than just a Manager.
by Manager Zex January 13, 2021
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This is no ordinary guy who spent all of his time on Discord. In 2020, It's Actually Zex was a Professional Tier 1 Manager in Standoff 2 Asia Competitive scene. He was a Manager of Several Top tier clans and was well-known for his professional and hardworking character of being a Manager. It's Actually Zex had motives of wanting to develop the scene more by outputting his ideology onto some Asian Projects which he hoped that it would an impact but he failed to successful operate and manage a Tournament and an Asian Network. Although he wasn't all successful and famous, He didn't start as a Manager but as a player in 2018. He wasn't a good player neither was in any Top clans in the scene which pretty much sums up how much he has improved after 2 years ever since 2018.
It's Actually Zex is unparalleled for being professional as a Manager.
by Manager Zex January 09, 2021
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