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The local Native American name for the city of Baton Rouge is "Istrouma". From evidence found along the Mississippi, Comite, and Amite rivers, and in three Native American mounds remaining in the city, archaeologists have been able to date habitation of the Baton Rouge area to 8000 BC.
The french explorers may have named the area, "Baton Rouge", back in 1699, the Indians have always called the area, Istrouma.
by Spi3rit1000 July 20, 2010
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Istrouma was the Native American word that the French translated as "Baton Rouge". Baton Rouge translated to English is "stick of red" or "red stick". The reason that it was referred to as red stick is because the village was centered around a tall pole that the natives used to suspend their game, such as bear, in order to process the meat. As a result, the blood that ran down the pole during the processing of the game stained the wood a crimson red. Thus, Istrouma or "Baton Rouge"!
The French translate the native American word, "Istrouma" as "Baton Rouge"!
by SteelnVelvet October 24, 2015
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