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The Istanbul twist is a method to break someone's neck by twisting it. While one can simply twist the victim's neck, the Istanbul twist works better when the victim's body is rotating in one direction and his or her neck is twisted in the opposite rotational direction.
"One guard in that doorway had a damaged face but was still moving; I gave his neck a treatment known in professional circles Earthside as the Istanbul twist. He joined his mates. " -Robert Heinlein, "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress"
by Civilian Jones May 03, 2006
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A position used to provide sexual gratification to a male partner without intercourse wherein the the partners are naked in the 'spooned' position, on their sides, with the man's the one on the outside of the spoon erect penis firmly between the ass cheeks of the woman or person on the inside of the spoon who flexes, and gyrates, effectively twisting, rubbing, and pulling the erect penis to orgasm.
She wanted to save herself for marriage, but she did the Istanbul twist for me and blew my mind.
by Sweet July 31, 2003
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