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A person that places the ambitions,policies and well-being of the right-wing Israeli government over that of their country of residence, usually America. Israel is the primary concern and will always be considered before anything else. If a policy is good for Israel and bad for America it will receive unconditional support without concern for America,despite America being the country of residence *hence Israel FIRST.

A person who's loyalty and support are for Israel before or OVER America.
1. "Jimmy is a democrat and former Obama supporter, he believes Romney's policies would bankrupt America and destroy the middle-class. Jimmy has decided to vote for Romney because Netanyahu endorsed him and he believes Romney will be more supportive of Israel in every way over Obama, Jimmy still believes Obama's policies will do more to help the American economy and the average American" Jimmy is an Israel-firster

2. Congressman i voted in favor of a bill drafted by AIPAC that prevents any diplomatic communication with Iran. The congressman's job is to serve America and it's interests, by preventing diplomacy, war is all but inevitable. The majority of Americans don't support a war with Iran and would like to see a diplomatic solution to the problem, but Congressman i will receive the majority of his campaign contributions by those who support the AIPAC bill, so he votes in favor.

Congressman i is an Israel-firster

3. AIPAC. An organization who's sole purpose is to get the AMERICAN government to support every policy and ambition of the Israeli government.

AIPAC and 99% of It's members are Israel-firsters
by AmericanNtifada November 19, 2012
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