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This name derives from the Hebrew a Biblical baby name "Ismerai," however; it has been added a spice of eccentricity with the mere letter "a". Ismarai is a rare first name for a girl in United States which is a rare name since 1992. Based on law of attraction and fore effect, Ismarai is a person who is not very social, but has a very sarcastic sense of humor and is quite protective of those really small group of people they care about. They have high energy levels but they can be rather lazy. They have a very elevated sense of awareness towards the people around them and their surroundings in general. They can be dorky and weird yet intelligent. They are VERY awkward and individualistic, but that's what makes them cute and attractive. This is one of the most weird yet amazing people you could find, especially because of their open-mind and because of their mature traits, which they tend to hide in between their dark sense of humor and peculiarity.
Ismarai is a gorgeous name.
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by TastelessHaze April 11, 2017
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