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Those Islanders Fans are gonna kick the crap out of those rangers fans in the parking lot after the game tonight
by Isles fan July 22, 2010
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1. Bitter sore losers who turn their backs on regional alliances due to their insane jealousy of better regional teams. (i.e, the Rangers)
2.The worst possible fan. They claim loyalty, yet their stadium is always empty and they rarely attend games, because no one likes a loser.

3.People who live on past glories and constantly harp on the "good old days"
4.People who park in the handicap zone
5. Expletives used by angry cab drivers against broke patrons
6. An insult used in "your momma" jokes
1. Mets Fans are to Yankees fans as Islanders Fans are to Ranger fans.

2. Lady Gaga's concert sales have plummeted due to her disloyal fanbase of Islanders fans.

3. People living in Greece are like Islanders fans; they spend most of their time trying to revive relics from the ancient past.
4.Even though Danny didn't have the proper documentation, he was allowed to park in the handicap zone due to his Islanders Fans bumper sticker.

5. A cab driver received a deadbeat fare, and as the crook took off into the night, the cabbie exclaimed, "Islanders Fans!"
6. Your momma's so fat that she likes the New York Islanders.

by Ranger Dangerr 2014
by Ranger Dangerr June 10, 2014
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