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a strange short and cocky group of people who seem to think theres gods gift to everyone even though they are not and really need to think about there priorities but dont even so. the Isathiaqs really need to be told that there idios
Guy 1 what the hell is that he's really cocky

Guy 2 that is an isathiaq
by mr BOOM Shakalaka October 06, 2011
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Is the most awesome guy ever. he is a psychologist in the morning but because a deadly crusader at night. He is a master and uses his katana to slash his victims until the are only pieces of meat.
Fred: "Who is that guy with the katana he looks awesome and where the hell is Isathiaq I expect a therapy session with him"

Ted: "That is the Samurai Master the most deadliest, coolest hero we will ever meet"
by Sentinal Prime July 11, 2011
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