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(e-sɑ:-ɑ:-kɔ:) {e-sah-ah-co}

1. v. the act of being great.

2. Meaning "One who makes me laugh" or "laughter". The funniest guy who is sweet and charming. Knows how to lighten the mood. Is one who brings peace and others together. A miracle birth.

3. v. To pwn or dominate an opponent before they could react at all. Often used as a degrading taunt in FPS games.

4. n. a male given name: from a Hebrew word meaning “laughter.” given by parents of a Samoan or Japanese descent.
1. The King has been acting with Isaako this week. Lets pray his mood doesn't change.

2. His name is Isaako.

3. "ISAAKO!"
by Sweatshop Kidd October 31, 2010
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