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• of or relating to Iranians from Irvine, California (A Southern Californian city in Orange County with a large Iranian population). • Particularly relating to or denoting a group of Persians from Orange County, CA characterized by avarice, ostentatiousness and vanity. Not to be confused with Iranian-Americans (see Persian Princess)
Sara: "Uuugh, I hate going to clubs in LA nowadays!"
Lindsey: "Why, Sara?"
Sara: "There are so many douchey Irvanians there stinking up the place with their Armani cologne, almost stabbing me in the eye with their spiky blowouts, and grinding their True Religion jeans all over my ass!"
Lindsey: "Yeah, I sick of them too, but not more than those little Persian princesses with their fake tits, caked on makeup, daddy's credit card, and their asses sticking out of the tops they wear as dresses! Nasty little skanks!"
by Uh Huh Youknowwhatitis June 25, 2011
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