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IronZooSociety is a hip-hop group from the suburbs of Rochester, New York. They don't rap about being gangsta and all that ish, but at the same time they can spit. They got dancers and artists amongst the group, although it consists of 7 rappers and 1 producer that primarily do the music
Person A: "Your heard that remix too Green Goblin by IronZooSociety on youtube?"

Person B: "Hell yeah, they did a better job than Jae Millz and Chris Brown

*Example 2*

Person A: "Yoo how'd that emcee from IronZooSociety named J7NG, rap over backstreet boys for a girl from Degrassi - get a reply from her and still keep his hardcore appeal??!!"

Person B: "I got no idea but that Dear Melinda Shankar song sure is a banger just for the fact he rapped of backstreet boys without it being gay"
by RUO October 17, 2010
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