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A badass little town in southern Tennessee. Know for the famous shoals creek canoe run and parties and bonfires. Its about the only place where there isnt a single black person probably because of all of the rednecks, country folks and cowboys and its one of the few places that people still fly confederate flags on their trucks. Its also one of the few places that people still run and brew moonshine and if you get caught you can buy your way out with the sherrif. You can drive down the road and see a 69' dodge charger painted like the General Lee and drive another mile and see a brand new mustang shelby although most of the people drive badass jacked up trucks with mud tires. Its a pretty cool place to live
Hey i heard their havin one hell of a bonfire and rodeo down at Iron City, TN tonight you wanna go
by tthat guyy October 13, 2011
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