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Iron PenisC also named Iron Crotch, Penis qigong or Iron balls, is an extreme form of Qigong exercise. A Masterhas been practicing Iron Penis Qigong for over 25 years, and is the foremost expert on Asian penis training.
Due to unexplained reasons, this Iron Crotch has never been introduced into the western world with its full-length English version until last year by many Chinese Qigong masters, and it's now available at .
Naturally, it soon captures the westerners' attention, because it works to strengthen their body an mind, in addition to their sexuality. The fortunate thing is that a bonus book collected and translated by is dedicated to those who wanna to practice the Iron penis qigong but feel inadequate in body and mind. It's called Shaolin Muscle-Bone strengthening Exercise, which is more accessible, and has been taken as a smooth prerequisite of the Iron Crotch(Iron penis, balls, or Penis qikong).
As far as its benefits are concerned, Physically speaking, Iron Crotch(Iron Penis) can make one's private part become hit-resistive and capable of loading heavy stuff.
Healthily speaking, Iron Penis is able to cure the most cases of premature ejaculation, impotence and erectile dysfunction.
Sexually speaking, Iron Penis makes your sexuality immensely enhanced, and in addition to your bettering sexual performance and less-exhasuting capability, your desire for the intimacy will be elevated.
Mentally speaking, you will feel much refreshed and relief from the high tension of life, believing your Qi in the very center of your body is gathered.

Search on Google with Qigongpenis, or Iron penis or iron crotch, you will find countless videos and pictures.
by unbelievablelife May 29, 2008
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