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A sexual act involving two males and one female (not gay, chill). The female is giving head to each male, but not at the same time. If she is doing a poor job, an Iron Walrus is reasonable. Both males will ram their penises up to the roof of the female's mouth, causing her to grunt. The image will be that of a walrus, and the grunting will enhance the realism of the scene.

For bonus points, the group can try this maneuver in the freezing cold, with the males ejaculating on the female's face. After the the ejaculate has frozen (representing snow/slush), the males re-ram their penises into the roof of her mouth, and it creates a more immersive experience for each of the participants. Completion of this task is grounds for automatic induction into the Guy Hall of Fame.
After twenty minutes of blowing me and Jose, Yolanda had still not brought either of us to climax, so we hit her with the Iron Walrus. Needless to say, she retired from prostitution for life after the incident.
by Two Eskimo Brothers August 12, 2010
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