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Irazema is mostly known as a girl name, it is a spanish name and VERY rare.
This type of person is weird,funny,and social. Often tend to hide emotions to not worry and to satisfy other people.
Irazema's like having more male friends than female friends because they dont cause as much drama and feel more comfortable.
They seem nice,truthful, and social, BUT to really get to know this type of person it'll take a while. Once you do you'll be glad you did, there so lovable, but sensitive.
Tend to have "Walls" set up before they actually make really good friends or pursuing/getting into a relationship.
Watch what you do, for an Irazema will remember any wrong and right action you do.
Their more on the tomboy-ish they don't really get into relationships that often.

Their LAZY, but once motivated, their accomplish anything they want.
Have appetites the size of an elepant.
When she says she loves you, she means it. it takes her a while to consider if she actually does love you, friendship or relationship wise.
They can't lie to people they like/love, HORRIBLE liar.
But when it comes to lying when in trouble, shes as smooth as butter.
When you think shes "Flirting" shes honestly not. shes clueless when it comes to romantic topics. She'll only flirt if she REALLY likes you and if you persue first.
Theyre weird, but in a funny way...can sometimes have those dumb moments, but its hilarious.
"Did you Irazema today? Haha what she did in my last class was hilarious!"
by Taylor Recreria November 18, 2011
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